Business Support

Business Support & Development

OK, so you’ve got your business idea, the way you want to earn your living, being your own boss... where do you go now? You need to organize your financing, it may be your own savings, assistance from family and friends or you may want to approach banks for loans and banking facilities.

We can help you put together a business plan, cash-flow projections and the presentation.

NEXT, how do you intend to trade? Do you need to be a sole trader, a partnership or a limited company? What are the advantages, disadvantages and tax implications? We can assist with these decisions, form and register limited companies and help with registration for tax, payroll, national insurance and VAT.

SUPPORT, being your own boss can be a very lonely existence. You will need someone to talk to, a sounding board for your plans, we are pleased to help. Being versatile and dedicated to our clients, we like to work together so that you don’t feel isolated. Often, just talking over your problems can help clarify the cause and the possible solutions to those problems.

Some clients like keeping their own records, but many people start in business to run their business activity and not to become administration experts in bookkeeping, VAT, payroll and tax forms, all of which can be tedious. We can provide these and other services, either at your business premises based on regular visits or from our own location.

Business Review, you need to look at how your business is performing and your bankers will certainly be interested. Some people have a natural instinct for knowing how things are going, but most rely on regular business information. This can take many forms, sales reports and graphs, interim management accounts, cash-flow reports, budget planning, targets and inter-firm comparisons to name just a few.

We can help you use the information within your business and hopefully make better decisions because they are based on accurate information. If you want help in developing your own existing records to give you the control information you need, then we can help. We can also assist in extending or developing a computerized system with ongoing support.

Disaster recovery is also important. Backups of data need to be performed on a regular basis, but what do you do if your computer is stolen or destroyed in a fire? We provide our clients with the option of continuing their business by using our computers.

No one can have all the answers, and we are no exception. We have, however, built up a number of strategic alliances with other professionals whose expertise we can call on. We have contacts with Independent Financial Advisors, Pension companies, Building Societies, Stockbrokers, E-commerce/trading web sites and Web hosting.